Look at all these kids having their minds blown by getting to play with the Roderick. (You know Tumblr’s own Emilyruthless does a pretty mean uke cover of this herself.)

I can just tell

I’m going to be the only one without an RoTL index card.

God damn it.

Seriously, whose owl pillows do I have to fluff to get one of these?

Severing the ties to “home”

This most recent “Roderick On The Line” episode is precisely why I love and respect John Roderick and Merlin Mann so much. It’s a beautiful conversation and it’s going to resonate with me for weeks and weeks. You should be listening to this podcast. In fact, I’m starting to feel really bad—after 29 episodes—that I’m getting this for free.

Kids, go now. Listen to them all. Bring chili dogs and a love of baths.